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Academic Programs

The Center provides the following education and training programs:

Degree Options/ Curriculum
Program Director(s)
Industrial Hygiene is concerned with the recognition, evaluation and control of potential workplace hazards, including chemical, physical and biological agents; and the potential health threats to the community and the environment.
MS | MPH | PhD Peter C. Raynor, PhD
Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing provides academic and professional training in occupational and environmental health sciences and practice to develop leaders for roles in program development and administration (MPH degree) or research and education (PhD degree).
MPH | PhD Patricia M. McGovern, PhD
Occupational and Environmental Medicine (For Physicians) is the academic component of the occupational and environmental medicine residency program. MPH Jeffrey Mandel, MD, MPH
Occupational Health Services Research and Policy is a joint offering by the Divisions of Environmental Health Sciences and Health Policy and Management. EnHS students complete supporting coursework in health services research, policy and administration.
PhD Patricia M. McGovern, PhD
Bryan Dowd, PhD

Occupational Injury Prevention Research Training incorporates advanced training through curriculum and trainee research opportunities that involve multidisciplinary collaborations with experts in occupational injury epidemiology, engineering and human factors/ergonomics, safety, medicine, and the social sciences including occupational psychology. PhD Susan Goodwin Gerberich, PhD
Marizen R. Ramirez, PhD
Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology provides support for training in the epidemiology of occupational diseases related to the working or natural environment. MPH | PhD Bruce H. Alexander, PhD
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